Monday, August 19, 2013

Needlework Alone

Alas, my friendship did not blossom after all.  I was so looking forward to having that companionship.  However, my parish started a new ministry - making items for babies who pass away through stillbirth or in the NICU.  This is the very type of ministry I discovered when I learned to knit.  It is exactly the thing I was interested in starting myself.  I didn't initiate this project, however.  I did begin when the group began.  We meet once a month.  The fellowship over needlework is amazing.  I am not energized to take on more needlework; I'm busy enough with my own boys.  I am, however, keeping my interest in needlework.  I was at a nadir in my work.  I had had enough with falling asleep in my chair, with my work in hand.  If it were not for this ministry, I might have set it aside for a long time, especially without the new friendship.

It's not quite what I imagined it would be - that I'd take on the whole project and lead it.  Now that I am one of the women there, I see that was too ambitious at this phase in my life.  The current leader is a recent widow, and needed this work to deal with her grief.  I can appreciate the gift I have participating in something I've cared about for seven years.  It took me awhile to find just the right avenue, but I am grateful at the opportunity to give in this way.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Knitting Companion

I have a new companion that will hopefully be putting the fire back into my needlework.  I think that's part of stalling out on the blog and the needlework.  I've been lonely.  I need a sewing circle of sorts.  This friend is not necessarily the woman I would have picked six months ago.  She is, however, exactly the kind of woman I need.  She knows cabling; I still haven't attempted it.  She inspires me.  I can chat with her about other things, while we work.  She's easy get to know.

I expect that I won't be falling asleep in my chair with my needlework in hand, with a new companion.  I want to complete pieces to show her my work.  I want to see her handiwork, too.  Here's to friendship.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Finishing a Vest

I haven't brought myself to finally finish the baby vest that I've been working on for ages.  The said baby is now a toddler. I just can't seem to wrap my mind around the v-neck.  I've pulled out the stitches, dealt with live stitches, and then stalled out.  I know that I'll get it down, but the weather may be too warm by the time I do.  Alas.

I messed up the pattern.  It was to be bands of a different stitch, but I read it as bands of seed stitch.  It's interesting, but not quite what I planned.  It will be a one of a kind, that may get worn once.  Perhaps another boy will get use out of it in the future.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Faltering on Christmas Stockings

Another season has come and gone without completion of the Christmas Stocking that I started years ago.  I have noticed that there are so few patterns available these days.  Most are quick and easy.  While this certainly appeals to people who no longer enjoy needlework, I wonder at those who do embroider.  There are other patterns available, and in use by embroiderers.  It is the Christmas stockings that are disappearing.  I have noticed a huge increase in fashion for Christmas.  No longer is it conventional to bring out the same decorations year after year.  Now, I see new decorations every year or every few years predominate.  Why spend months creating needle craft if disposability is the sentiment?  Why put effort on the timeless if there is a theme from year to year?

At the cottage vineyard, we celebrate the feast of the Nativity.  That doesn't change from year to year.  There is no fashionable turn.  Enduring - immutable: what can we embrace every year to honor the Incarnation of Our Lord?  It certainly makes all the months of effort seem worthwhile, instead of a silly diversion.