Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Knitting Companion

I have a new companion that will hopefully be putting the fire back into my needlework.  I think that's part of stalling out on the blog and the needlework.  I've been lonely.  I need a sewing circle of sorts.  This friend is not necessarily the woman I would have picked six months ago.  She is, however, exactly the kind of woman I need.  She knows cabling; I still haven't attempted it.  She inspires me.  I can chat with her about other things, while we work.  She's easy get to know.

I expect that I won't be falling asleep in my chair with my needlework in hand, with a new companion.  I want to complete pieces to show her my work.  I want to see her handiwork, too.  Here's to friendship.

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