Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wow! Both projects completed!

I've been working on both the afghan and wall hanging for so long that I didn't realize how close to completion I was. I'm done! I completely finished the afghan before bed last night, and have all but the finish work on the wall hanging. I'll finish that within the next two hours (nap time for the boys.) While working, a few stitches here and there become loose, and occasionally, I'll skip a stitch. That's what I go back and do for "finish work." I don't worry to much during embroidery, especially cross stitch about that during the project. Like a typo, it's easier to go back and hone in on the odd mistake, while keeping my fast rate, rather than backtracking several times and loosing my momentum.

Now, I have a week for one Hallowe'en costume. Then, I can begin Christmas gifts, and complete one Christmas stocking. The younger boy is too young for me to fret over not having a proper stocking. Next year, I'll make his cross stitch or needle point stocking. This year, he can just enjoy presents in a simple stocking.