Tuesday, June 27, 2017

A Green Scarf

After a break from needlework, I'm working on a simple, green, knit scarf for my son.  I don't have time like I used to with younger children for my needlework.  My embroidery is collecting dust.  My writing has taken off, and I don't have time to blog about needlework, either.  But, every now and then, I get time to myself to get my creative juices flowing.  I can just play with words.  I also get time just to play with stitches.

A couple of years ago, I volunteered to teach knitting and crochet at an elementary school.  I enjoyed the work, as challenging as it was to move at the pace of young children.  A very strong boy almost seriously damaged my legs, not understanding my physical limitations.  But, picking up random projects and bits of yarn was so liberating.  I had focused so much on structured, serious projects, that I hadn't had fun with my needlework in quite some time until then.

So, when my son asked for a green scarf, I went with it, bringing that same sense of play.  That enjoyment is there when I write as well.  We all live better lives when we can weave that joy in everything we do, from hand crafts to volunteer work to our vocations.  A wise person once said that accomplishment without joy is the ultimate failure in life.  Whether that resonates with a green scarf or a multi million dollar contract is up for the individual to experience.