Friday, January 25, 2013

Faltering on Christmas Stockings

Another season has come and gone without completion of the Christmas Stocking that I started years ago.  I have noticed that there are so few patterns available these days.  Most are quick and easy.  While this certainly appeals to people who no longer enjoy needlework, I wonder at those who do embroider.  There are other patterns available, and in use by embroiderers.  It is the Christmas stockings that are disappearing.  I have noticed a huge increase in fashion for Christmas.  No longer is it conventional to bring out the same decorations year after year.  Now, I see new decorations every year or every few years predominate.  Why spend months creating needle craft if disposability is the sentiment?  Why put effort on the timeless if there is a theme from year to year?

At the cottage vineyard, we celebrate the feast of the Nativity.  That doesn't change from year to year.  There is no fashionable turn.  Enduring - immutable: what can we embrace every year to honor the Incarnation of Our Lord?  It certainly makes all the months of effort seem worthwhile, instead of a silly diversion.

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